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The Sandwich Swap (Ages 4+ years)

by Kelly DiPucchio and Queen Rania of Jordan:


Two friends, Lily and Salma, who do everything together, but they have different sandwiches at lunch (indicating coming from two different cultures/ ethnicities). Both think the other’s sandwich is weird and gross. They insult each other’s sandwiches, and their schoolmates choose sides. They reconcile after a food fight breaks out. Finally, they try each other's sandwiches and love them. The book addressesthat difference should be embraced and not to fear things you don’t know.

Using this book as an educational tool:

An important message from this book is that difference does not need to be negative in nature. Ask your child to think about people who are different from them, and consider why these differences are good! They might talk about friends who look different than them, engage in different behaviors, or have talents and skills that make them unique. Sometimes, things that are different might seem scary—and that's normal. Talk to your children about why difference might make us nervous, and how we can learn to overcome our worries to celebrate and appreciate the diversity of our world.


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