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The Youngest Marcher (Ages 6+ years)

by Cynthia Levinson:


This is a biography about Audrey Faye Hendricks, one of the youngest marchers during the Children’s Crusade. Audrey noticed the injustices and wanted to participate in the movement. She was the youngest child who was sent to jail, staying there for 6 days. During the time that she was in jail, she was questioned about the motive of the Children’s Crusade. Two months later, Birmingham ended its segregation laws and Audrey was able to enjoy activities that she wasn’t allowed to before.

Using this book as an educational tool:

Parents can use this book to help young children learn about the children’s crusade, as it shows the conditions that young children went through for freedom. Parents might also use this book to talk about protesting and other forms of activism or allyship. We encourage parents to include a discussion that not everything is fixed from the Civil Rights Movement, and help their children connect this story to things going on in the world today.


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