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Same. Same but Different (Ages 4+ years)

by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw:


A boy draws a picture of “his world” and sends it to a pen pal across the world, who sends a picture of “his world” and they are different. They find similarities between each other and their lives, but also find differences. This book covers having different perspectives about the same world and the importance of both similarities and differences.

Using this book as an educational tool:

One major theme in this story learning to recognize and appreciate difference, as well as understand that we all have many things in common that unify us as human beings. To help instill such values in your child, prompt them to reflect on the things that make them different from or similar to others, using questions like those below.

  • Can you think of differences and similarities between you and your friends?

  • Why is it important to understand difference?

  • Why is it good to have friends that are different from you?


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