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We Rise, We Resist, We Raise our Voices (Ages 7+ years)

edited by Wade and Cheryl Hudson:


Wade and Cheryl Hudson and many other authors compiled this collection of work ranging from poetry, essays, art, music and more as a reminder of the hope that exists in overcoming racism and the resilience that marginalized communities build. This book offers support to all children by bridging the generational divide and giving elders a chance to offer wisdom and context that will give hope to young people today as they continue to discover the injustices marginalized people face.

While this book may be better suited for kids 7 year and older if reading cover to cover, the diversity of the media allows for the collection to be accessible to a much broader age range, and includes important lessons that even adults could benefit from.

Using this book as an educational tool:

Encourage your child to think critically about the stories they read in this book. Don’t just rely on the book to do the work, ask them questions about their understanding of the events in the story. Possible questions could include:

  • What happened in this story?

  • What lessons could you learn from this story?

  • How would you feel if the events in this story happened to you?

  • Who wrote this story? What kind of identities might they have?

  • What can you do to work alongside people of color in overcoming racism?


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