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This Book is Anti-Racist (Ages 11+ years)

by Tiffany Jewell:


Youth and adults reading this book will learn about their social identities, racism, the history of the world around them, ways to challenge racism and take anti-racist action by using one’s privilege and taking care of oneself. Many of the chapters conclude with a guided activity (e.g., create an identity map, self-reflection questions). Topics, including racism, privilege, and allyship, are discussed directly with accessible language that both teaches readers about the topic and pushes them to reflect on their prior knowledge and experiences in relation to others. Readers will feel a call to action -- to learn about themselves and their family, to learn about racism and its roots in history, and to take action and build relationships to make a difference. The book also includes a short glossary, recommended further reading for readers, and illustrations that capture readers’ attention throughout.

Using this book as an educational tool:

Read along yourself. Start a book club with your child and make learning a group activity. Even though this book is recommended for ages 11+, parents can read ahead and read specific chapters with their kids or do the activities presented in the book together.

Engage with the book. This book is a great tool to use in having those important conversations with your child. Read the chapters, complete the activities, and discuss them with your child. Ask questions like: What is something new you learned after reading this chapter? What is something you still have questions about? How did you feel completing a certain activity? How can we change what we do this week to be more anti-racist?


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