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Stamped (for Kids) (Ages 8+ years)

by Ibram X Kendi and Jason Reynolds:


Stamped (for Kids) is an adapted version of the original book, Stamped. This book covers a plethora of topics relating to race, racism, and privilege and pushes against the common trope used in education of only teaching about racism as a thing of the past. Stamped (for Kids) not only provides that important context, but also takes care to focus primarily on how the past informs present day struggles. Although it’s a sizable read for children, the authors of Stamped (for Kids) take care to communicate complex ideas through accessible and kid-friendly language, all while breaking the work up into smaller, more manageable chapters.

Using this book as an educational tool:

Read along. Even though this book was written with children in mind, the topics that they cover are by no means juvenile. To go the extra mile you could even grab a copy of the original, Stamped.

Engage with the book. This book is a great tool to use in having those important conversations with your child. Don’t just read the chapter on Black Lives Matter, discuss with your child how it made you feel, what you learned, what biased viewpoints you may have held before reading, and which ones you may still be working to unlearn.


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